Website Launch

The Special Olympics European Regional Research Collaboration Centre (RRCC) is announcing the launch of the European Research Networking Web Site.

The site was initiated with the following goals:

Promote and stimulate research in sports and intellectual disability including participatory research engaging researchers with and without intellectual disabilities; Information for students taking university courses; Inform personnel in field-work about research and evaluation and how they can become involved; expand networking and partnerships in research in the field of sport and intellectual disabilities across Europe.

Professor Roy McConkey, Co-Chair of the RRCC states: ” We are very happy to launch this web site, we hope to enthuse researchers, students, people who work in the field, people with intellectual disabilities and others to engage. We want to offer an interactive platform that supports collaboration and innovation in the field of research and quality development in sport for people with intellectual disabilities.”

This web site was made possible through the support of the European Union.

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