Regional Collaborating Centre

Special Olympics Europe Eurasia (SOEE) wants to raise the bar in research in the field of sports and social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities across Europe.   They want to discover and extend the relevance of Special Olympics by undertaking larger scale, targeted research engaging different countries and cultures.  To tackle this challenge a Regional Research Collaborating Center (RRCC) was established in 2010 at the  Ulster University in Northern Ireland. The aims of the Collaborating Centre are:

  • To promote networking amongst University partners and other stakeholders in the field of sport for people with ID/Special Olympics,
  • To undertake research projects with colleagues within and across European countries,
  • To provide consultancy advice on research and evaluation issues,
  • To encourage the participation of people with intellectual disability as co-researchers,
  • To encourage the inclusion of sports for people with intellectual disabilities in University education

Membership of the centre is open to anyone with an interest in sport for people with intellectual disability.  The founding members of the centre are listed below.  If you would like to enroll as a member please send us:

  • A brief biography plus photograph.
  • A list of recent publications,
  • The research topic of interest to you.
  • Your contact details.

Please confirm that you are happy for these details to be posted on this website.   By registering with us, other colleagues will know of you and may approach you in connection with research proposals or projects they are undertaking.  However the resources on the website are available to you without registering.

Member Profiles