Special Olympic Programs

This website is designed to help Special Olympics Programs in Europe and Eurasia.

Research and evaluation is key for long term sustainability of the SO movement. We need to demonstrate and prove our impact beyond anecdotal evidence as outlined by Mary Davis, President and Managing Director SOEE and Tim Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics. Research based evaluation, data and facts are needed to underline our message, gain support for our cause, acquire funding and improve our quality of service and work.

Research and Evaluation does not have to be complex and complicated, it can be simple in particular when you are just starting out.   For example it could be a simple survey to get feedback on an activity or event.  It does not have to engage a University even though this will be helpful and beneficial for deeper and more complex studies.   Rather what you need is a person who is interested in this kind of work.  It can be a volunteer or a staff person, a student, teacher or anyone else who can start to get the ball rolling and get some basic experience (if he or she doesn´t have it yet). We are happy to assist and support you in this work, advise on next steps or guide you in finding Universities or individuals/experts in your countries with whom you can engage.  On the website you will find templates for surveys, reports from past studies and ideas for research questions as well as published articles.  For international projects  we can also put you in touch with Universities and SO Programs in other countries