University researchers

Special Olympics is keen to work in partnership with European Universities.  Following on from a consultation seminar with researchers from 14 European countries (see Group reports), we have identified various topics of particular interest.  If you would like to become in any of these projects, please let us know.  We can link you to other colleagues, share literature with you and assist with the development of research proposals.

The topics of immediate interest are:

·         Volunteering and Special Olympics – application made to Toyota Foundation.
·         Increasing employability of people with intellectual disability through sports (i.e. playing, volunteering, coaching).
·         Athletes with ID taking on leadership roles within SO – such as assistant coaches, mentors
·         Inclusive research with athletes who have intellectual disabilities
·         Inclusive schools and Special Olympics
·         Special Olympics and divided societies


However we would be keen to hear of topics that are of interest to you.  Also we may be able to help with accessing research participants from our Programs around Europe and Eurasia (see link to our Programs).  Also we can share with you the data we hold on the health of our athletes if you wish to undertake secondary data analysis.

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